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S4 Technology

S4 Technology

Compass SPC features S4 Technology; our industry standard to meet or exceed the following specifications with all Compass SPC Evolve Series Floors:

  • Scratch Protection
  • Superior Durability
  • Scuff Resistant
  • Stain Resist

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Plank Specification

Every plank of Compass SPC Evolve Series is engineered and manufactured with some of the finest and most stable materials. Each plank features:

  • 1mm IXPE Premium Underlay
    • A premium acoustical underlayment constructed of sound dampening high-performance cross-linked foam with overlapping film for additional moisture protection at the joints
    • Gives advanced moisture protection and shock absorption
    • Using progressive foam technology (PFT), IXPE underlay is constructed for supreme sound reduction
    • Excellent for radiant heat floors
    • Mold and mildew resistant
    • Anti-crush technology enables excellent performance and long life
    • Cushions flooring
  • .3mm Clear Polyurethane Wear Layer
    • Top layer of pure polyurethane on every plank, most expensive part of every floor
    • 12 mil layer wears much slower over time compared to the cheaper 4 mil

20 Year Limited Residential Warranty

For residential applications Compass SPC carries a 20 Year Residential Warranty.

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Patented I4F Click

3L TripleLock

A one piece drop-lock system for the short side that eliminates the need for additional plastic inserts.

3L TripleLock provides a unique one piece drop-lock-installation technique for flooring panels that eliminates the need for an additional insert on the short side. This elimination provides manufacturers with the possibility to reduce their carbon footprint for a more eco-friendly floor.


An angle-system for the long side combined with 3L TripleLock on the short side.

The angle system has proven itself for many years and combined with the drop-lock on the short side the locking strength is very high. The system has multiple installation benefits as well. It is fast and easy to install and installation does not require special tools.

The World’s Easiest Flooring Installation System

  • Meets all EN performance standards
  • Easy to install – up to 30% faster than traditional angle/angle systems
  • Avoids squeaking
  • No special tools needed